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License:Eclipse Public License
Sigmund is friendly clojure wrapper around the Hyperic SIGAR API It can tell you all sorts of information about your currently executing process as well as the system that you are working on. It provides quite a bit more information than JMX:

os: information, processes, memory, swap, resource limits, uptime and logins.
cpu: information, per cpu and average usage.
jvm: runtime information for jvm.
filesystem: mounted devices, disk usage, filesystem properties and usage.
network: usage, bandwidth, gateways, interface, routes and connection status.
process: per process information for cpu, memory, environment, credentials, arguments and other information.
Maven Group and Artifact Id:[sigmund/sigmund "version"]
Date Added:2012-10-10 03:03:57
Date Changed:2012-10-10 03:03:57