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License:Eclipse Public License
Parse-EZ is a parser library for Clojure programmers. It allows easy mixing of declarative and imperative styles and does not require any special constructs, macros, monads, etc. to write custom parsers. All the parsing is implemented using regular Clojure functions.

The library provides a number of parse functions and combinators and comes with a built-in customizable infix expression parser and evaluator. It allows the programmer to concisely specify the structure of input text using Clojure functions and easily build parse trees without having to step out of Clojure. Whether you are writing a parser for some well structured data or for data scraping or prototyping a new language, you can make use of this library to quickly create a parser.
Maven Group and Artifact Id:[parse-ez/parse-ez "version"]
Date Added:2013-01-21 02:13:28
Date Changed:2013-01-21 02:13:28