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Subcategory:Request Handling
License:Eclipse Public License
A set of libraries for ring apps, including stateful sessions.

All of these libraries were split out from the Noir web framework for your enjoyment. There are libraries/middleware for stateful sessions, validation, cookies, as well as utilities for creating ring response maps (higher level than ring.util.response) and encrypting passwords and such.

These libraries will be maintained separate from Noir, and if you already use the Noir web framework, you already have this library. Nothing in here is specific to Noir and the purpose of it is to be used from any ring-based web framework, such as mustache and compojure.
Maven Group and Artifact Id:[lib-noir/lib-noir "version"]
Date Added:2012-08-22 02:21:04
Date Changed:2012-08-22 02:21:04