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License:Eclipse Public License
Instaparse aims to be the simplest way to build parsers in Clojure.

- Turns standard EBNF notation for context-free grammars into an executable parser that takes a string as an input and produces a parse tree for that string.
- No Grammar Left Behind: Works for any context-free grammar, including left-recursive, right-recursive, and ambiguous grammars.
- Extends the power of context-free grammars with PEG-like syntax for lookahead and negative lookahead.
- Supports both of Clojure's most popular tree formats (hiccup and enlive) as an output target.
- Detailed reporting of parse errors.
- Optionally produces lazy sequence of all parses (especially useful for diagnosing and debugging ambiguous grammars).
- "Total parsing" mode where leftover string is embedded in the parse tree.
- Optional combinator library for building grammars programmatically.
- Performant.
Maven Group and Artifact Id:[instaparse/instaparse "version"]
Date Added:2013-04-26 23:27:58
Date Changed:2013-04-26 23:27:58