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License:Eclipse Public License
This is another cron-inspired task-scheduling library. I have found many scheduling libraries for clojure:

- quartzite
- cron4j
- clj-cronlike
- at-at
- monotony

The first three all follow the cron convention. The "task" (also called a "job") can only be scheduled at whole minute intervals. at-at has milli-second resolution, but was limited in the number of threads that have to be predetermined. It was good for looking after tasks that did not overlap between calls but not for tasks that may take an arbitarily long time. monotony uses core.logic, which is something that I am yet to understand.

I needed something that

* started scheduled tasks with a per-second interval having high system-time accuracy without wasting system resourcs.
* would spawn as many threads as needed, so that tasks started at earlier intervals could exist along side tasks started at later intervals.
* an additional design requirement required that task handlers are passed a date-time object, so that the handler itself is aware of the time when it was initiated.
Maven Group and Artifact Id:[cronj/cronj "version"]
Date Added:2012-10-10 03:01:23
Date Changed:2012-10-10 03:01:23