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Subcategory:HTTP Client
License:MIT license
A Clojure HTTP library similar to clj-http, but more lightweight.

Differences from clj-http:

* Instead of Apache HTTP client, clj-http-lite uses HttpURLConnection
* No automatic JSON decoding for response bodies
* No cookie support
* No proxy-ing DELETEs with body
* No multipart form uploads
* No persistent connection support
* No support for insecure HTTPS connection (yet)
namespace rename clj-http.* -> clj-http.lite.*
Maven Group and Artifact Id:[clj-http-lite/clj-http-lite "version"]
Date Added:2012-10-26 23:15:08
Date Changed:2012-10-26 23:21:57

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See also: clj-http
by gstamp 2 years ago