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License:Eclipse Public License
adi, rhyming with 'hardy' stands for the acronym (a) (d)atomic (i)nterface. It has four main objectives

* Using the schema as a 'type' system to process incoming data.
* Relations mapped to nested object structures (using a graph-like notion)
*Nested maps/objects as declarative logic queries.
Custom views on data (schemas for how data is consumed)

The concept is simple. adi is a document-database syntax grafted on Datomic. It makes use of a map/object notation to generate datastructure for Datomic's query engine. This provides for an even more declarative syntax for relational search. Fundamentally, there should be no difference in the data-structure between what the programmer uses to ask and what the programmer is getting back. We shouldn't have to play around turning objects into records, objects into queries... etc...
Maven Group and Artifact Id:[adi/adi "version"]
Date Added:2013-06-07 10:58:54
Date Changed:2013-06-07 10:58:54