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Libraries for Category 'Web Client Libraries'

HTTP Client
clj-tagsoupA HTML parser for Clojure.
http.async.clientAsynchronous HTTP Client for Clojure.
clj-httpA Clojure HTTP library wrapping the Apache HttpComponents client.
clj-oauthclj-oauth provides OAuth Client and Server support for Clojure programs.

The client part of the library depends on Richard Newman's clj-apache-http which includes Apache's HTTP components.

The server support makes it simple to add OAuth support to any Ring based web applications such as Compojure.
Exploding FishExploding Fish is a library for manipulating URIs. It defines a UniformResourceIdentifier protocol, and implements it on a custom Uri class, as well as,, and java.lang.String.
clj-http-liteA Clojure HTTP library similar to clj-http, but more lightweight.

Differences from clj-http:

* Instead of Apache HTTP client, clj-http-lite uses HttpURLConnection
* No automatic JSON decoding for response bodies
* No cookie support
* No proxy-ing DELETEs with body
* No multipart form uploads
* No persistent connection support
* No support for insecure HTTPS connection (yet)
namespace rename clj-http.* -> clj-http.lite.*
HTTP KitHTTP Kit is a minimalist, efficient, Ring-compatible HTTP client/server for Clojure. It uses a event-driven architecture to support highly concurrent a/synchronous web applications. Feature a unified API for WebSocket and HTTP long polling/streaming
Web Crawler
itsyA threaded web spider, written in Clojure.
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