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Libraries for Category 'Sound'

OvertoneOvertone is an open source audio environment being created to explore musical ideas from synthesis and sampling to instrument building, live-coding and collaborative jamming.
osc-cljAn Open Sound Control library for Clojure.
midi-cljA high level midi library to play notes and interact with external midi devices.
M.A.D (Music as data)Music as Data (MAD) is a live programming language / environment based on written in Clojure. It's something like SuperCollider or Chuck but aims to be easier to hack / experiment live.
clj-vorbisAn easy to use ogg-vorbis decoder library written in clojure.
fughettaA JFugue wrapper for Clojure with some ideas from Haskore. JFugue is an open-source Java API for programming music without the complexities of MIDI.