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Libraries for Category 'Networking'

Message Queues
WabbitMQWabbitMQ is a simple Clojure wrapper for RabbitMQ's Java client v2.2.0
BandaloreBandalore is a Clojure client library for Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS). It depends upon the standard AWS SDK for Java, and provides a Clojure-idiomatic API for the SQS-related functionality therein.
rabbitcjA rabbitmq client wrapper
bunnyClient library in clojure for the rabbitMQ messaging system
clj-esperA simple Clojure wrapper for Esper: Complex Event Processing.
md-cljClojure wrapper for a Java ZeroMQ Majordomo Protocol Implementation
LangohrLangohr is a Clojure wrapper around the RabbitMQ Java client that embraces AMQP 0.9.1 Model and does not try to hide it behind many layers of DSLs. It is experimental only in the sense that API is not completely locked down at this point: otherwise, it is solid and is used very actively to develop commercial products that involve thousands of nodes communicating over AMQP.
Low Level
Alepha framework for asynchronous communication
ReconRecon is a Clojure library to collect run-time statistics from remote JVMs
urlyUrly is a tiny Clojure library that unifies parsing of URIs, URLs and URL-like values like relative href values in real-world HTML.
Distributed Programming
CascalogCascalog is a tool for processing data on Hadoop with Clojure in a concise and expressive manner. Cascalog combines two cutting edge technologies in Clojure and Hadoop and resurrects an old one in Datalog. Cascalog is high performance, flexible, and robust.
swarmijiswarmiji is a framework that helps in writing distributed programs using the clojure programming language. swarmiji uses the fantastic RabbitMQ as its central nervous system to communicate between service requesters and (possibly multiple) workers. It provides simple constructs to create these distributed services and makes it very easy to use them in your code.
net-evalnet-eval allows you to evaluate expressions in parallel on remote network nodes. net-eval handles all the work necessary to communicate to other nodes, distribute expressions for evaluation and collect results.
jobimAn actors library for Clojure modelled after Erlang OTP plaform.
necessary-evilnecessary-evil is an implementation of XML-RPC built on top of the ring http library for Clojure. XML-RPC is a bit nasty, but it is the basis of a number of other standards such as certain blogging APIs and Ping Back.
clj-soapclj-soap is SOAP server and client using Apache Axis2.
StormStorm is a distributed realtime computation system. Similar to how Hadoop provides a set of general primitives for doing batch processing, Storm provides a set of general primitives for doing realtime computation. Storm is simple, can be used with any programming language, and is a lot of fun to use!
slackerslacker is a simple RPC framework for Clojure based on aleph and carbonite.
clj-json-rpcclj-json-rpc is a Clojure library that makes it easy to create web services using the JSON-RPC protocol and Ring.
okkuOkku is a Clojure wrapper for the Akka library. Akka is an erlang-inspired Scala library implementing the Actor model for concurrency and distribution.

For explanations on the Actor model itself and how and when to use it, see the documentation of either Akka or Erlang.
PostalPostal is a library for constructing and sending RFC822-compliant Internet email messages. It wraps the JavaMail package for message and SMTP support. It supports sendmail natively.
Clj-MailSend and receive emails from Clojure
MailerMailer is an ActionMailer-inspired mailer library for Clojure. It combines Postal, Clostache and a number of its own features and conventions to make delivering complex template-based emails as painless as possible.
ircljA simple and small IRC library/bot framework written in Clojure.
clj.monitorMonitoring applications in clojure based on clojure-control. is a library for modeling various Internet-related conceptual entities as data, supporting applications which are about the modeled entities versus interfacing with them.