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Libraries for Category 'Math'

cantorsimple, efficient vector math
IncanterIncanter can be used as a standalone, interactive data analysis environment or embedded within other analytics systems as a modular suite of libraries.
vector-2dCollection of 2D Vector Operations.
clojure-geohashGeohash library for clojure.
math.numeric-towerMath functions that deal intelligently with the various types in Clojure's numeric tower, as well as math functions commonly found in Scheme implementations.
math.combinatoricsEfficient, functional algorithms for generating lazy sequences for common combinatorial functions.
clatrixA stupid name for a smart matrix library, because who doesn't love smart matrices? Being implemented as a thin wrapper around the native BLAS hooks of jblas gives it speed. Being implemented in Clojure makes it clever.
vectorz-cljFast vector library for Clojure, building on the vectorz library (

Specifically designed for games, simulations and machine learning.
core.matrixExperimental N-dimensional Array / Matrix / Vector API for Clojure.

Like NumPy, but with more parentheses.
ClojureWerkz MoneyClojureWerkz Money is a Clojure library that deals with monetary amounts. It is built on top of Joda Money.
babbageA library to create computation engines. Easily gather data and compute summary measures in a declarative way.
primitive-mathClojure's numeric tower is useful, but it can put a lot of steps between you and simple arithmetic. Unfortunately, while Clojure will warn you when reflection is required to invoke a function, it will not warn you when reflection is required to perform math. The only reliable way to discover whether you're calling clojure.lang.Number.add(Object, Object) or clojure.lang.Number.add(long, long) is to use a profiler or decompiler.

Or you can just bypass Clojure's math operators altogether.

In the primitive-math namespace, there are equivalents for every arithmetic operator and comparator that will give a reflection warning if it cannot compile down to a simple, predictable, unboxed mathematical operation.
prolinProlin is a linear programming library for Clojure. It provides idiomatic Clojure APIs to formulate and solve linear programming problems, and a small set of utilties for some common transformations of LP objective functions and constraints.
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