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Libraries for Category 'Graphics'

clj-processingThis lib is a wrapper for the Processing project. Mixture of Clojure and Processing enables you to do live-coding and experiment easily.

Please note: This project has been replaced by Quil.
QuilIn one hand Quil holds Processing, a carefully crafted API for making drawing and animation extremely easy to get your biscuit-loving chops around. In the other she clutches Clojure, an interlocking suite of exquisite language abstractions forged by an army of hammocks and delicately wrapped in flowing silky parens of un-braided joy.

In one swift, skilled motion, Quil throws them both high into the air. In a dusty cloud of pixels, they bond instantly and fly off into the distance painting their way with immutable trails of brilliant colour. Moments later, you see them swiftly return and hover nearby. Your very own ride to Perlinwould awaits. Summon the winds and ride well, my friend.
tween-cljA Clojure library designed to tween a value between two points.

Inbetweening or tweening is the process of generating intermediate points between two points.
tikkbaTikkba is a Clojure library for the creation and the dynamic modification of SVG documents. It wraps the Apache Batik library and provides functions to create SVG images with the Clojure-based SVG DSL of the Analemma library.

Batik is a Java-based toolkit for applications or applets that want to use images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for various purposes, such as display, generation or manipulation.
analemmaAnalemma is a Clojure-based SVG DSL and charting library. In astronomy, an analemma is the figure drawn in the sky by the different positions of the Sun recorded at the same time and location during the course of a year.
Image ResizerResize/Crop/Rotate/Pad images in Clojure without any native install. Oh and do it Fast.
RinzeLightRinzeLight is an image processing library inspired and based on RMagick4J.
PenumbraIdiomatic OpenGL bindings for Clojure
clj3DClj3D is a Clojure graphic library for manipulating 3D and 2D objects. It aims to be the Clojure standard in 3D and 2D rendering.

Clj3D is massively based on the excellent jMonkeyEngine and it tooks the best of it. PLaSM is a "design language" for geometric and solid parametric design, developed by the CAD Group at the Universities "La Sapienza" and "Roma Tre". You can have both. Reloaded.
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