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Libraries for Category 'GUI'

IndyvonAn experimental multithreaded GUI library for Clojure
seesawSwing in Clojure.
HafniHafni is a java swing wrapper for the clojure language focusing on how components change
clarityA wrapper for Swing aiming to provide more concise syntax and extra functionality.
artemClojure support for the MiGLayout layout manager
   No libraries have been added for this subcategory

GUIFTWGUI FTW! is a declarative and abstract GUI library. It's not tied to any GUI toolkit but instead front-ends for each can be written easily.
clj-growlSend Growl notifications from Clojure
clojure-lanternaclojure-lanterna is a thin wrapper around the Lanterna Java library to make it more Clojure-friendly.

Lanterna is a Java library for interacting with terminals. It's kind of like curses, except it's pure Java so it'll run anywhere. It lets you move the cursor around, draw colored text, and so on.