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Libraries for Category 'File Formats'

ArmageDOMArmageDOM is a Clojure DSL for generating XML using a list syntax. It supports namespaces.
BearableA small Clojure library that makes writing XML schemas slightly more bearable.
clojure.prxmlclojure.prxml is a fix-up of clojure.contrib.prxml that is compatible with clojure 1.3. clojure.contrib.prxml was a library for generating XML from compact s-expressions.

clj-rssA library for generating RSS feeds
clj-xpathclj-xpath wraps Java’s XPath APIs to make it significantly easier to use for most common use cases.
DocjureRead and write Office documents from Clojure
csvlibReading and writing of CSV files.
clj-plazaA Clojure library for working with RDF graphs, triple spaces and RESTful semantic web services
docjureDocjure makes reading and writing Office documents in Clojure easy.
clojure-csvClojure-CSV is a small library for reading and writing CSV files.
Deep-FreezeDeep Freeze is a pure Clojure serializer that stresses performance and compactness. The aim of this project is to become the defacto standard for binary serialization of Clojure data. The interface for the library is extremely easy to use.

Supports Google's Snappy for high-speed de/compression.
data.csvCSV reader/writer to/from Clojure data structures.

Follows the RFC4180 specification but is more relaxed.
clj-tikaClojure interface to Apache Tika project functions
clj-rdfaExtract triples from RDFa 1.1 XHTML and HTML documents using Clojure.
clj-pdfA Library for easily generating PDFs from Clojure.
PantomimePantomime is a tiny Clojure library that deals with MIME types (Internet media types, sometimes referred to as "content types"). It uses Apache Tika under the hood to detect MIME types using several techniques:
markdown-cljA rudimentary markdown parser which compiles to both Clojure and ClojureScript.
nippyNippy, a serialization library for Clojure
Clojure's rich data types are awesome. And its reader allows you to take your data just about anywhere. But the reader can be painfully slow when you've got a lot of data to crunch (like when you're serializing to a database).

Nippy is an attempt to provide a drop-in, high-performance alternative to the reader. It's a fork of Deep-Freeze and is used as the Carmine Redis client serializer.
FressianFressian is an extensible binary data notation. It is inspired by, and shares many design objectives with hessian and edn.
mjolnirMjolnir is a Clojure library designed to simplify native code generation. It is useful for writing on-the-fly high performance code, writing programming languages, or simply for exploring new how code performs on different platforms.
clj-yamlclj-yaml provides YAML encoding and decoding for Clojure via the SnakeYAML Java library.
clj-jsonA fast JSON encoder/decoder that uses jackson.
CheshireCheshire is fast JSON encoding, based off of clj-json and clojure-json, with additional features like Date/UUID/Set/Symbol encoding and SMILE support.
json-zettaProvides a JSON parser implemented using the zetta-parser library.

The only benefit that this parser provides in comparision to is the possibility of starting to parse a string without having all the input available (thanks to zetta-parser).
data.jsonJSON parser/generator to/from Clojure data structures.

Follows the specification on