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Libraries for Category 'External APIs'

cljmanRenderman "bindings" for clojure. Really a set of emiter functions which generate RIB as output (renderman interface bytestream).
clj-dropboxClojure library for accessing the Dropbox API
clj-airbrakeClojure client for the Airbrake API. Airbrake collects errors generated by other applications, and aggregates the results for developer review.
stockingsStockings is a Clojure library that gives you easy access to financial data such as current and historical stock quotes, current currency exchange rates, stock symbol suggestions, stock and company info by exchanges and industry sectors, and more.
clojure-bitlyClojure wrapper for the API
clj-dreamnoteA simple clojure library to remote control your dreambox
TentaclesTentacles is a Clojure library for working with the Github v3 API. It supports the entire Github API.

This library is the successor to the clj-github library.
clj-aws-s3A Clojure library for accessing Amazon S3, based on the official AWS Java SDK.

Although there are a few S3 clients for Clojure around, this library aims to provide a more complete implementation, with metadata, streams and protocols for uploading different types of data.

Currently the library supports functions to create and delete buckets, and to list, get, and put objects and their metadata.
factual-clojure-driverThis is the Factual-supported Clojure driver for Factual's public API.

clj-squashClojure client library for the Squash bug killer by Square.
clj-asanaClojure Wrapper for Asana API
clj-facebookFacebook client library for Clojure.
clj-facebook-graphclj-facebook-graph is a simple Clojure client for the Facebook Graph API based on clj-http ( and Ring ( It offers some convenience when you are working with the Facebook Graph API. Furthermore clj-facebook-graph provides a simple authentication flow in the form of some Ring middleware.
clj-githubGithub API bindings for Clojure. Supports the entire (documented) Github API.
twitter-apiThis is an up-to-date twitter API wrapper that is based on the clojure http.async.client library. It offers the full taxonomy of twitter API's (streaming, search and restful).
clojure-twitter-streamingTwitter client API for Clojure
Google Talk Clojure REPLThis is a program to interact with clojure REPL remotely using the google talk service. This requires two email address available, one for the 'program' and other for the 'remote user'.
clj-authsubClient library for using Google AuthSub authentication as used by youtube, gmail etc.
clojure-twitterAccess the Twitter API from Clojure.