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Libraries for Category 'Debugging'

Java Debug Interface
lambdebugSimple debugger for clojure
cdtThe CDT (Clojure Debugging Toolkit) is a set of clojure functions/macros that use the Java Debug Interface,, to debug a remote vm, from a repl running on another vm.
lein-cdtLeiningen plugin that makes running George Jahad's excellent Clojure Debugging Toolkit a little easier
deviewRun Clojure tests and view concise exceptions and diffs for test failures
difformDiff clojure forms
MycroftMycroft is a generic JVM browser written in Clojure.
tools.traceTracing API
fn.tracefn.trace is an extension of clojure.contrib.trace
SpyscopeA Clojure library designed to make it easy to debug single- and multi-threaded applications.
Dr. EvilDr. Evil is a simple web debugger that provides a REPL to your web application in a "hidden" location.
clj-stacktraceA library for creating more readable stacktraces in Clojure programs.
LiveReplStart a Clojure REPL connected to any running Java or Clojure process without needing the process to be setup in any special way beforehand.

Now supports connecting to Tomcat web applications.

You can use the repl to run code, inspect variables, and redefine Clojure functions.