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Libraries for Category 'Concurrency'

die-geisterDie Geister is a library that provides composable tasks that execute asynchonously.
medusaMedusa 0.1 – a supervised thread-pool for Clojure futures
AvoutAvout brings Clojure's in-memory model of state to distributed application development by providing a distributed implementation of Clojure's Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) STM along with distributable, durable, and extendable versions of Clojure's Atom and Ref concurrency primitives.
ExorefExoref aims at providing a Redis-based implementation of Clojure reference types. This is a rather natural fit given the lock-free, optimistic concurrency approach of Redis transactions.
core.asyncA Clojure library designed to provide facilities for async programming and communication. Think Go language channels.
ClaypooleThreadpool tools for Clojure