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Libraries for Category 'Build'

lein-namespace-dependsA leiningen plugin to output a project's namespace use/require graph
Leiningen war pluginThis plugin creates standard war files for use with java web application servers and is not useful when developing for the Google App Engine.
clojuresqueClojuresque makes gradle clojure aware and helps with compiling and testing clojure code in gradle-powered projects.
clojure-maven-pluginPlugin to extend Maven to support compiling clojure projects
CakeCake is a tasty build tool for clojure, designed to be as powerful and fun to use as clojure itself.
LeiningenLeiningen is a build tool for Clojure designed to not set your hair on fire. Building Clojure projects with tools designed for Java can be an exercise in frustration. With Leiningen, you describe your build with Clojure.
lein-clojarsThis is a simple plugn for interacting with directly from Leiningen.
lein-searchLein search allows searching and adding of dependencies on clojars through a simple command line interface.
lein-diagnosticsLeiningen plugin for printing diagnostic info regarding versions of libraries that can be found on CLASSPATH.
lein-ringLein-Ring is a Leiningen plugin that automates common Ring tasks. It provides commands to start a development web server, and to turn a Ring handler into a standard war file.
Lein-LBLeiningen plugin for Liquibase: an RDBMS change management software - the plugin itself is based on Clj-Liquibase.
Lein-daemonLein-daemon is a lein plugin that starts a clojure process as a daemon.
lein-localrepoLeiningen plugin to work with local Maven repository.
lein-controlA leiningen plugin for clojure-control.
lein-replsCLJSH & REPLS: "cljsh" is a lightweight client that sends clojure statements/files to a persistent repl-server "repls" for evaluation.
lein-scalacCompile Scala source from Leiningen.
lein-deps-treeA Leiningen plugin to print a print a nicely formatted tree of a project's dependencies.
lein-tarsierA fully-featured Leiningen plugin to run a VimClojure server for Leiningen projects.
ZiZi is a maven plugin for clojure. It does something similar to clojure-maven-plugin, but does so differently.
jenkins-clojure-injectorjenkins-clojure-injector is a lein2 plugin for generating a jenkins plugin that injects arbitrary clojure code in to the jenkins jvm.

It generates a jenkins plugin class that calls your clojure code on load.