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Libraries for Category 'Artificial Intelligence'

alter-egoalter-ego is a reactive AI library for Clojure based on the concept of behavior trees.
InferInfer is a library for machine learning and statistical inference, designed to be used in real production systems.
visionVision is a OpenCV wrapper for Clojure.
ClojushThe Push programming language and the PushGP genetic programming system implemented in Clojure
Generalized QuantifiersClojure implementation of Generalized Quantifiers for English as a simple demonstration of functions that construct functions. This is a compositional model theory semantics where the denotation of a quantifier is a function that maps the denotation of a noun to a function that maps the denotation of a verb phrase to a truth value. Object noun phrases are functions that map a transitive verb to a verb phrase.
Clojure-PowerloomThis is Clojure-PowerLoom, a Clojure wrapper for the Java version of the PowerLoom knowledge representation and reasoning system.
cogitoCogito is a Clojure implementation of System-Z+, a probabilistic reasoner described in "Qualitative probabilities for default reasoning, belief revision, and causal modeling" by Moises Goldszmidt and Judea Pearl.
NetzNetz is a Clojure implementation of a multilayer perceptron (MLP), a type of feedforward artificial neural network. Netz provides functions for training and running MLPs. Training is accomplished via gradient descent batch Rprop or standard backpropagation.
GajureA small genetic algorithm framework, written in Clojure
fobos_cljImplementation of Forward Backward Splitting in clojure. The forward–backward algorithm is an inference algorithm for hidden Markov models which computes the posterior marginals of all hidden state variables given a sequence of observations/emissions.
cldA tiny library wrapping language-detect that can be used to determine the language of a particular piece of text.
encogClojure wrapper for the encog (v3) machine-learning framework .

"Encog is an open source Machine Learning framework for both Java and DotNet. Encog is primarily focused on neural networks and bot programming. It allows you to create many common neural network forms, such as feedforward perceptrons, self organizing maps, Adaline, bidirectional associative memory, Elman, Jordan and Hopfield networks and offers a variety of training schemes."
geva-cljgeva-clj is a refactored version of the GEVA gramatical evolution library. [1]

clj-mlA machine learning library for Clojure built on top of Weka and friends.
mcmc-clojureMarkov Chain Monte Carlo libraries and related functions. Includes a (parallelized) implementation of the affine-invariant sampler.
clojure-opennlpA library to interface with the OpenNLP (Open Natural Language Processing) library of functions.